The Dream

Since I could remember, I’ve had a desire to travel – to see and experience the world. I was one of the countless number of people who would daydream of one day not showing up for work and hopping into a car with one suitcase – ready to hit the road with no plan of return.

And in 2013, that’s exactly what I did. I left my promising job in Los Angeles (in the midst of a promotion), bid adieu to my Frog Town rental, sold most of my furniture and belongings, put the remaining items in a storage unit, dropped off my beloved chihuahua, Riley, with my dad and set off with my photographer boyfriend for a 3-year tour to raise funds for animal rescues across the country.

When Andrew asked me to join his efforts to produce and self-publish another coffee table book of dogs called Rover, it was a no-brainer. Travel the country and help homeless animals – pinch me!

We ventured off major highways and interstates to explore the back country roads and small-towns of America. This is where we found much of the old American classic cars and pickup trucks, abandoned structures, landscapes, nature and wildlife. 

Prior to joining Andrew on the American road, I joined him in China to print his previous book. After completion, we were on our way to discover what Hong Kong and Thailand had to offer. We rented a car in Phuket and found our way to Krabi, Surat Thani and Phang Nga. To our surprise, we traveled very well together in unfamiliar surroundings - a testament to any relationship!   

Two years later, we found ourselves in a foreign vehicle - again - throughout Europe - UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium.

We have visited nearly all 50 states - Alaska and Vermont will complete that bucket list.

"What started as a road-side hobby and outlet to document my travels,
quickly grew into a fun collection of the things I love and find beautiful."

This is my photo journal as I travel the world. I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects like old automobiles, trains, abandoned structures, architecture, cityscapes & landscapes. It is my privilege to share this portfolio of my extraordinary journey that captures what may have otherwise been forgotten moments. 



Satellite Magazine - 2016
We sit down with new and and up coming photographer Amanda Hedlund and talk to her about her new series - American Classics. 

Current Art Exhibits

SUN Airport in Hailey, Idaho - 2018
The SUN Art exhibit at Friedman Memorial Airport (FMA) featuring 34 works by 26 artists. This is the third in a series of rotating exhibits — an effort by FMA to showcase the talent of the many artists who live or work in the region. The exhibit was organized and juried by members of the Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum Arts Commissions, and FMA board and staff. 


About the Photos 

American Classics - Collector Cars and Pickup Trucks

Classic pickup truck and car photographer, Amanda Hedlund, captures her love for the vintage American automobile. She enjoys documenting old classic cars and trucks - many of which were abandoned, neglected or waiting to be restored. Every vehicle has a story – where they have been, who owned them and the epic adventures on roads less traveled. The rich history can be told through the decay in metals, colors and function.


I find beauty and appreciation of disrepair houses that were once homes to founding fathers, abandoned cities that were once bustling boomtowns, dilapidated streetscapes that were once aligned with unique architecture. I try to capture the mystery in stark neighborhoods, buildings and farms.


Capturing city and landscape portraits are always a learning experience. I strive for distinct compositions of day and night shots that immortalizes urban and country landscape we observe, but may not always truly appreciate. I scour each city and roadside for unique objects, landmarks and surroundings.

Taking a road trip through Europe, without a plan, was a dream come true. You will find some iconic landmarks in addition to the hidden gems I found off the beaten path. From massive castles to cathedrals, medieval streets and endless rivers, fields of flowers to mountainside waterfalls; the picturesque land and cityscapes are full of history, curiosities and inspiration. Drive, explore and discover! 


Landscape photographer, Amanda Hedlund, captures the beauty around her. Amanda is experienced in all areas of photography including classic pickup trucks and cars, cityscapes, nature, wildlife and abandoned structures. 

Flowers - Trees

Nature photographer, Amanda Hedlund, captures the intricate details of plants, flowers and trees - all of which makes for beautiful fine art. Amanda is experienced in all areas of photography including classic pickup trucks and cars, cityscapes, landscapes, wildlife and abandoned structures. 


I am fascinated with the history of the American railroad system and train cars. The fast, large, loud locomotive is an incredible force that shakes the ground by passing. Stories on the tracks, train hoppers and fellow vagabonds ignites my imagination when photographing train interiors and the rusted steel or wooden exteriors.

Vintage Signs - Street Art

Vintage Sign and Street Art photographer, Amanda Hedlund, captures the beautiful art filling our sidewalks, buildings, parks and roadsides. Amanda is experienced in all areas of photography including classic pickup trucks and cars, cityscapes, landscapes, wildlife and abandoned structures.